Christchurch South Community Patrol

Christchurch South Community Patrol is one of six patrols that operate in the Christchurch metropolitan area. Our fifty-strong membership means that we are able to operate day and night patrols six days a week. Our primary patrol area is from Halswell to Ferrymead. We support the work of other Christchurch patrols adjacent to our focus area when required. Patrols observe and record what they see. This information is used to compile reports to the police & the city council so action can be taken.

What We Can Offer You

With Christchurch South, you will have the opportunity to perform a valuable service for your community and enjoy the company of others who share your commitment. You will receive training to ensure you can patrol effectively and safely. Our patrol is part of the national community patrols of New Zealand network (CPNZ).

Our Patrol Area

Our primary patrol area is from Halswell to Ferrymead. If you’ve noticed an increase in crime in your area, please get in contact with us so we can increase our patrol activities in your area.

Our Mission Statement

It is the right of everyone to live in a community in which they feel safe. ‘Safer Communities together‘ is our belief and our goal, one we share with our key partner, the New Zealand Police. Christchurch South Community Patrol is known for the commitment of its members, its modern equipment and its innovative approach, which make it one of the most effective patrols in the CPNZ network.