You have probably seen a distinctively marked vehicle parked at Z on Lincoln Road, or patrolling the streets of Christchurch. This is Christchurch South’s patrol vehicle. On the side doors are written ‘Nga manu taiku o Aotearoa’, a name gifted to CPNZ, our national association, to summarise the purpose of community patrols. It means Sentry birds over New Zealand. We are Christchurch Souths ‘sentry birds,’ your lookouts, who work closely with the police to help make your community a safer place .

Our team of nearly fifty volunteers ranging in age from twenty-two to eighty-five are on patrol both days and nights six days a week. We are the extra ‘ eyes and ears of the police and the city council, patrolling throughout South Christchurch, and reporting what we see. In February our patrol travelled 2,016kms and spent 307 hours on patrol. During that time, we reported 367 property related incidents, 108 vehicle-related incidents, and 15 incidents in which people’s actions were of concern.

If you are keen to be part of an enthusiastic team committed to making your community a safer place, check out Christchurch South Community Patrol’s Facebook page, contact Ken, ph 027 748 0697, email or fill out the form here

Christchurch South's new patrol car
Christchurch South’s Rav4 hybrid patrol vehicle at its launch last year, with our treasurer Mike and patroller Daniel.