Bike thefts are unfortunately becoming more and more common, but fortunately, the Christchurch City Council has partnered with 529 Garage Aotearoa to help combat this problem.

529 Garage Aotearoa is a service that allows you to register your bike and get a tamper-proof sticker to place on it. This sticker makes it easier to identify your bike if it’s stolen and increases the chances of it being recovered.

To use this service, all you have to do is head over to the Christchurch City Council website and follow the instructions to register your bike. It’s a quick and easy process that could potentially save you a lot of hassle in the event that your bike is stolen.

In addition to registering your bike with 529 Garage Aotearoa, it’s also important to take other precautions to prevent bike theft. This includes using a good quality lock and parking your bike in a well-lit and busy area.

By taking these steps and registering your bike with 529 Garage Aotearoa, you can increase the chances of recovering your bike if it’s stolen. Head over to and register your bike today!

Bike with the 529 Garage sticker on its frame